One-Punch Man Official Opening -

Note: This is a FAN-MADE extended remix, not the full version! PLEASE SUPPORT THE OFFICIAL RELEASE! You can purchase the full official release here: You can legally watch/listen to the full version here: The One-Punch Man anime is FINALLY here, and coming alongside its brilliant animation from Madhouse is its awesome OP. The OP song is called "The Hero!! ~怒れる拳に火をつけろ~" and is originally sung by JAM Project, produced under Lantis. Hope you enjoy! Note: There is 1 watermark in the video designed to (hopefully) discourage the official copyright holders from striking this video as well as discourage other YouTube users from outright re-uploading this video onto their own YouTube channels. Message me for the *unwatermarked* version in the comment section or through email. Thanks! Email:"